Ladyboy Cartoon

Cartoon is one of the most feminine ladyboys from Thailand. She has been featured on many Asian shemale websites like LB 69 and Captain Outrageous. However, most of the scenes and photo sets on these sites are old and do not reflect her new feminine looks with silky long hair and smooth soft skin. She behaves like a real lady and is a perfect tourist guide if you ever happen to meet her in Thailand. It's cool to see some of her newest images on this free TS gallery.

cartoon cartoon topless Ladyboy cartoon cartoon nude nude Ladyboy

TS on Adult Friend Finder

I have made some good and bad experiences with Adult Friendfinder in the past. They have a database of members who want to date for sex. It is often assumed that some profiles are fake and that it actually costs money. Well, nothing is for free, so when I joined them a few years back I did meet a couple of people for a chat, one night stands, etc. Back then I wasn't into ladyboys at all, so my experiences are limited to girls. Yes, you can get laid by people from this database. However, many of them are at least part time hookers who are looking for some cash. But there are others who come there for sex without pay, too.
Just last week I discovered that Adult Friendfinder has a couple of search features that allow to look for more than just straight sex, but also for Ladyboy sex. I came up with these results from their data base of Asian shemales who are ready for a date:

Ladyboys in Thailand
Ladyboys in Japan
Ladyboys in the Philippines

Filipina Ladyboy Escort

There are a lot of sites around with content of Thai ladyboys, but you really need to look hard to find some good stuff from the Philippines. Filipina ladyboys are called Bakla or Billyboys. Locals also call them Chicksilogs. Ilog s is a short form of itlog, the Tagalog word for 'Eggs'. So Chicksilogs would be Chicks with eggs :-) Another term used for Filipino shemales is Pa-Girls. This refers to parlor girls and make-up artists. They are early stage pre-op ladyboys or even cross dressers. Many work in regular beauty parlors and take side jobs as make-up artists in gogo bars.
A growing number of upscale Filipino ladyboy escorts is emerging on the internet. They travel around the big Asian cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. As they represent a nice change from the Thai LBs, Filipina shemale escorts are able to charge far higher prices. Have a look at AlyssaTS, she is one of the leading Filipino ladyboy escorts who derive their income from bookings via internet. A few other Filipina ladyboys can be seen on a relatively new shemale paysite that is solely devoted to Filipino ladyboys: PI Ladyboy.

filipina ladyboy escort alyssa
Sexy Alyssa from Manila. She is an upscale ladyboy escort and traveling across Asia to meet her friends. Images courtesy of

Mambo Kathoey Cabaret

If you decide to spend a vacation in Thailand don't forget to meet the hottest and most desirable Thai kathoeys who perform twice every night inside the Mambo Cabaret Bangkok on Sukhumvit Road/Soi 22.
The kathoey show lasts around 70 minutes and features many Thai kathoeys who sing and dance while including the audience in funny games. It is a nice change to see them act. They do a great job and are entertaining the audience full of enthusiasm. If you surf around shemale porn sites like Asian TS you will recognize many of the top performers. It's a cool thrill to be there and see the shemale stars live.
The tickets for the show cost between 400 and 800 Baht. It is advised to buy them a few hours before the show to secure good seats as Mambo is very popular with Japanese and Korean seight seeing tours.

mambo bangkok
A dancer from the Mambo cabaret performs twice every night. All performers are post-op shemales

Ladyboy Gold Expands

Ladyboy Gold website has recently expanded their portfolio of models. While their initial concept included 6 Kathoys from Pattaya they have just recently added 3 new models to the site. While the newer models Paris, Em and Noon are not nearly as attractive as the premier models, they make up in naughtiness. The content and glamour style nude photography is great, but it is a drawback to see the new models with their heavy tattoes on the side of truely beautiful tranny models like Wawa, Amy and Moo. However, it is a matter of taste. If I have my concerns, maybe others will like it.

Ladyboy noon
Noon is one of 3 new Ladyboy Gold models. She is a freak with ink and piercings on her body.

Transsexual House Maid


Asian girls are known to be great domestic helpers, plenty of them get hired as maids all over the world. How about ladyboys? Are they good at home work? I think they are, at least they do know how to iron my shirts and pants. Joy is doing a great job at ironing as these images show.

ts maid ladyboy maid ts iron ts tits ts boobs

My First Ladyboy Experience

I love girls, but I am curious for ladyboys! It took me a few years to turn my initial interest in shemales a step further and give them a try. It's about 2 years ago during a vacation in Bangkok when I encountered my first ladyboy experience. I barfined a ladyboy from Cascades Bar in Nana Entertainment Plaza and went with her to the short-time hotel on the third floor of the same building. 600 Baht barfine, 300 for the room and a tip that was up to me. Yeah, you hear that 'up to you, Sir' a lot in Asia. It's a gentle way of a common verbal demand: 'I think you are a nice guy. Please, pay more than the other people.'
Anyhow, the ladyboy gave me a great blowjob while I fondled his/her tool. Interesting to see that it is not that easy to get them strong, but I did manage to do so and suddenly felt that urge to get a bit more from the pre-op: Iwanted to feel that ladyboy cock inside my ass - I have no idea why?! None of us had a condom at hand so we decided to finish the night with a common orgasm while wanking ourselves. Great, we both exploded at the same time. I was just kidding when I asked the ladyboy to lick up our semen from the bed sheet. Before I could say anything she just did what I asked for. I gave her generous tip and she seemed very happy. Anytime I visit Cascades in Nana again, the LB comes over to me and says she remembers me .... and what we did. I guess I have to try more in the future. Kathoys do give better blowjobs than Thai girls. That is for sure and they are very kind people.

Tranny Cam Models

It's another live chat site with trannies from Asia: Tranny Cam Models. The site is home to around 50 Filipino Baklas, aka Billieboys. While the Filipino trannies may not be as physically attractive as their Thai and Japanese counterparts, they do speak excellent English and are very willing to please for low fees. If you ever want to visit the Philippines you will most likely be able to make their aquaintances in Manila and Angeles City.

Tranny Cams
Filipino Ladyboys are called Billieboys or Bakla. TrannyCamModels is filled with many Filipino shemale cam hosts from Manila and Angeles City.

Pattaya Ladyboys

I went to Pattaya last month and brought my camera along. It is intriguing to sit on the side of Walking Street and Soi Yodsak (probably the biggest redlight district in the World) at night and see all the gorgeous Kathoys parading on the street and soliciting for companionship.

Pattaya Ladyboys
Click on the pic to see more street images of transsexuals from Thailand's Kathoey capital Pattaya.

Ladyboy Cams

Finally, the creators of Asian Babe Cams have decided to relaunch their Ladyboy Cams chat site. Previously, transsexual camgirls from Asia were just a category all the way down on the Asian Babe Cams site, but for now they enjoy a new home. Ladyboy Cams presents around 60 Asian shemale camgirls at most given times. Basic chat is free and premium 1-on-1 chat averages 1.99 US$ per minute. Most models come from the Philippines and Thailand, but just today I even spotted a gorgeous tranny from Japan.

New Bangkok Ladyboy Bar

To those who are a bit tired of the agogo Ladyboy bars in Patpong and Nana Plaza when visiting Bangkok there is a new alternative club to go to: Guess Bar. It is located on the second floor of Sukhumvit 1 Plaza. Guess Bar is an enclosed bar that feels like an upscale club with quiet music and GROs wearing tight revealing dresses rather than bikinis. The bar appeals to people who want to meet Ladyboys in a comfortable surrounding without to much pressure. The prices are about the same as in other bars, but the atmosphere is very laid back. There is a small hotel on the third floor of the building that will erase the walk of shame for a quick sensual encounter. Many insider boards speak very highly about this new joint that is operational for around 9 months, now.

Note: The Guess bar just recently relocated to Soi 4 beside the Rahja hotel and is no longer hosted in the Sukhumvit 1 Plaza.

Golden Ladyboys

We all know the type of Asian shemale sites that feature cheap pre-op flesh with a few under exposed photos and a video of one wanking scene on the couch. Most ladyboys are not proud of their own performances, but it seems that the landscape of Thai Kathoey sites is changing and becoming more glamorous. It's not just the content producers who are buying better cameras and lighting equipment, but the ladyboys themselves who are becoming more aware of the fact that they need to prepare themselves for a higher market audience. Of course just a few LBs fit into this upscale segment, but they are unified in a new site called Ladyboy Gold. LBG is packed with great photos and videos of topshelf Thai transsexuals that take your breath away. This new site starts a trend that you might call Ladyboy erotic art as it shows all models from their best sides. They all appear lovely, sexy and extremely adorable. I am sure a lot of straight guys will want to trade their girlfriends for one of the golden ladyboys flat out!

Ladyboy Wawa
Wawa is one of 6 topshelf Thai Shemales featured on Ladyboy Gold.

Transsexual Cams


Enjoy some transsexual cam hosts while you wait for our blog to receive more entries. We just started with this new blog that will be dedicated to Asian shemale models that are available for chat and dating. Occasionally we will also review Asian tranny sites to give you a better understanding what Kathoeys are all about and what to expect from them. All info given on this blog is from first hand personal experience with real shemales from various countries such as Thailand, Philippines and Singapore to start with. It will include more and more transsexual info as it continues with new blog entries. Enjoy our ladyboy live blog and feel free to submit your feedback any time.

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